Gracies Dinnertime Theatre (GDT) tried. They really did. This must be distinctly understood, or nothing wonderful can come of the story I am going to relate.

When the founding three of GDT first conceived of the publication, they planed on it becoming a small, weekly column in RIT's news-mag, the Reporter. After writing a sample piece, complete with illustrations, and over a month of waiting, the Reporter rejected the idea. That started a sort of bitterness on the part of the GDT staff.

The following winter, the Reporter began an "Opinion" section, featuring a writer by the name of Burda. From his first article, Burda attracted the attention of the editing staff of GDT. Initially, they tried to woe Burda from the Reporter and join GDT. Later in the year, when Burda was made the head editor of the Opinion section, the circumstances were reversed; GDT was the wooie. So in the interest of increasing their circulation and creating some funding to help cover their printing costs, GDT agreed to prostitute some of its work to the Reporter.

The head editor of the Reporter would not allow GDT to make any mention of themselves in the work printed in the Reporter, so they had to come up with entirely new identities to print under. Thus the birth of 10:1 Cereal Delusions (an explanation of the name is given in The What and Why) and Peter Fir'Ruys.

We sent many proposed columns into Burda with certain conditions: The title was to be "10:1 Cereal Delusions", the bar-code logo was to appear, unaltered, and the author was to be listed as "Peter Fir'Ruys." Guess what: the Reporter altered the bar-code logo, changed the title to "Delusions" and called Peter "Mr. Fir'Ruys." We were suitably annoyed at this development, especially since we had given them the material on disk in the format they used; all they had to do was copy and paste. Other than that, our content remained unaltered and the staff of the Reporter were excited by our allowing them to print GDT's stuff.


It just so happened that the Reporter printed a dreadful issue soon after that. I mean, it was really bad, even for them: articles without any indication as to where they concluded, articles that cited a page as the conclusion...but there was nothing there, and horrible spelling and grammar errors. With the GDT staff excelling at holding a grudge, they couldn't pass up the opportunity to trash the Reporter. They even went so far as to sign a letter drafted by the head of Hell's Kitchen and submitted it to the Reporter.

Needless to say, the Reporter was not pleased. Because of our connection with GDT, the Reporter refused to print any material by us, even though Peter did not sign the letter; conflict of interests and all.

Anyway, Burda was not willing to drop us, so he asked that we come up with some new names. Unhappily, we chose the title "Euclidean Losers" (it's an anagram of "Cereal Delusions") and drafted to new writers: Cairn Jousts and Tori Pinery (for more fun with anagrams, check out our "Authors" section).

Driven on by Peter, the new writing staff submitted several issues and had "RIT Wind Tunnel" printed. Unfortunately, the Reporter was once again in rare form. They dropped our title and replaced it with "World Class Design", and failed to publish an author name.

As GDT fumed about plagiarism, we notified Burda that we would no longer be able to print with the Reporter. We received our originals, and that's it.

Two issues published, and 10:1 Cereal Delusions curled up and died. If you have a mag and are willing to pay for material, 10:1 Cereal Delusions could be resuscitate. For more information on our Lazarus trick, contact Peter Fir'Ruys care of :