"Writing is like prostitution. First you do it for love, then a few friends. In the end, you do it for money."

The staff of Hell's Kitchen is proud to present to you a new form of entertainment for your viewing pleasure. Its success is entirely determined by A) if it is ever published, B) if it becomes a regular publication, and C) if your response is favorable (if you're reading this, you know the verdict as well as we do). After all, the employers-that-may-be will not allow us to disgrace their pages with our sarcastic rantings on popular issues...or at least issues as we would have them presented. For instance: day care for the elderly, gourmet dining at Taco Ball, and human flypaper. So with trepidation, I let out a big sigh at this time and introduce to you what we like to call "10:1 Cereal Delusions." Find the play on words, and you know who we are; after all, breakfast is the most important meal of the day...even more important than Dinner.
If we've found our way into your hearts, what about the people who govern what you read? They have to pay us. Call this prostitution if you will. We're poor, and heck, prostitution is just a good word. I think I will say it again. PROSTITUTION. Is that offensive? Black lines and bleeps and boops (oh my!) and bad actors dubbing over our words. We've sold out. And suppose we actually make a profit out of this, well then, we would have the opportunity to buy lots of silly-string and laze around coffee houses discussing what more we can do with the word prostitution.
So here, you will find a splattering of articles and blurbs that may amuse you...then again, they may not. Maybe we'll even offend. Then we would get all sorts of nasty letters and They® would yell at us. we wouldn't want that, and we wouldn't get any money.
So I guess that about covers it. Let's see:
  • Money
  • Prostitution
  • Censorship
    Yup. That does it. Hope you read us weekly, that is if the Reporter decides to publish weekly....
  • -10:1 CD