"Writing is like prostitution. First you do it for love, then a few friends. In the end, you do it for money."

The people spoken of in the comment "they say" are part of a very exclusive and elusive company. The employees of They® have backgrounds in practically every field imaginable, thus explaining the utter breadth of their expertise. Noticeable a large segment of this group are meteorologists, which explains the numerable comments to the effect of "They® say it's going to rain."
Another prominent field in which They® add their special commentary is urban mythology and superstition. Because, "you know what They® say about people like that." In fact They® say things about everyone. In the past the corporation which comprises They®, (a world wide organization actually bent on world domination through the control of stereotypes, petty gossip, and all communication byways) was actually in the business of manufacturing products of impeccable quality. They® have relinquished this pursuit in order to focus on what They Say®(their actual product), and how They® want people to react to it. Which is really too bad, because as a manufacturing company they were really top notch. I guess They® just don't make things like They® used to.
As for whether or not we should worship them, I think we already do. Just think of all the times you've heard the statement uttered, "You know what They® say..." as if to nod you head in recognition of a verifiable fact. It's like some obscene game of operator: from God to them, and from them to you. But before you take all They Say® as gospel truth, click your heels together three times, think of Kansas, and ask yourself, "What's in it for them?"