Who can say what drives a good, sweet girl to turn tricks? Maybe her daddy didn't buy her that doll she wanted. Maybe she likes it. Then again, maybe she just needs the money.

10:1 Cereal Delusions was created by the head editors of Gracies Dinnertime Theatre (GDT) for the sole purpose of prostituting GDT's old work to create enough funds to continue printing until the end of the 1995-96 school year. The works were to be re-written and printed by the Reporter, the RIT campus' student run news magazine. During the process of selling their souls, GDT found too many inherent problems in working with the incompetence that is the Reporter; these problems are outlined in our Brief Melodrama.

The GDT staff put a great amount of care and effort into choosing the name of their cute little tart: with a large number of biology and biotech students on the staff of GDT, 10:1 serial dilutions are a common practice in labs, the Hell's Kitchen Constitution requires all member publications to have a title dealing with food, 10 weeks of class in one quarter at RIT, GDT's overblown aspirations, a little word play and "10:1 Cereal Delusions" was born. To make things more interesting, the bar code that "10:1 Cereal Delusions" adopted as its logo actually says "GDT."

To answer any exclamation that might have escaped your lips upon discovering exactly how convoluted we can get in making references, yes, we do have a lot of time on our hands. Now maybe you should go back and reread some of our issues, swing by the GDT site, and see how many references you can catch.

Happy hunting.