Our grass goes on strike...

...weeds grow up to the windowsills.

...see which makes the tastiest mutton

...write to Plato's Cave...

...I better start her up.

...men treat inanimate objects like women.

We encourage all women to take the Armor-All challenge to the nearest male.

Really push the Hemlock tea...

Nike and the Population Decimation Board sponsors The Super Bowl.

...that group in Africa where the women add a ring around their neck...

Luck owned stock in Gillette.

...no one bothered to tell them about Syphilis.

Light up, you black lunged son's of bitches...

GDT Pumpkin

GDT Pumpkin

Survey Man

...out of order

We appologize for any inconvenience.

Scientists are nothing more than well conditioned lab rats.

It's usually when a human thinks he can predict an animal's behavior that the animal gets gored.

...those pesky "wandering stars."

...she watched, just as she always had.

What would God do with all His extra time? Go back to school?

God would be ABsolutely FABulous as a security guard.

use Obi-wan Kenobi figurines to represent places where God intended to create dissent...

"I've got a carton of cigarettes and I'm not afraid to use them."

"If everyone cooperates, no one goes to sleep!"

"what would MacGyver do"

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