White-tailed deer

This week's honorary homewrecker is the white-tailed deer, shown above in a Pratt Company graphic available on the web at the University of Colorado website. The deer have been a problem in the cold winters of New York State for years, as they ravage gardens and shrubs in search of tasty bits. Overpopulation also creates disease and starvation problems for the deer, a condition New York State has attempted to alleviate by permitting hunting with a liscence in its state parks. It seems, however, that in Ithaca, NY, the hungry beasties have begun feeding on rare outdoor plant collections at Cornell Plantations. One proposed solution has been to simply shoot the deer, or to discharge firearms in order to scare them off. Ecologists and envirnomental activists are concerned about the environmental impact of this tactic. Re-establishment of the deer's natural predators has yet to be seriously considered as an option. Perhaps RIT's President Simone should look into guns as a control for the overpopulation of drinking students on campus. Undoubtably, shooting a couple of inebriated freshmen would be much less time consuming than keeping those dorm room speak-easies at bay.

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