Sean Hammond

This week's featured Homewrecker is Sean Hammond, editor of Gracies Dinnertime Theatre and all around "pusherman" for Hell's Kitchen. Hammond is the only person, except for perhaps his co-editor and head scratcher Kelly Gunter, who is in direct contact with the all-powerful Susan, secretary to C. Diablo. Check out the Hell's Kitchen website for pictures of Susan. He asked to be the homewrecker of the week about a month and a half ago, but has yet to kill himself and his children using a gas oven, or cause the breakup of a band or any long-term health problems. He did succeed in changing the size of Hell (and BOY is the big guy pissed) and facilitated the escape of the editor of the Melancholy Predator by driving him to the train station. He also rode around in a Ford Bronco decorated with the blade assemby from a blender for most of the summer.

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