Yoko Ono

While an avante-garde artist in her own right, Yoko Ono is perhaps best know as the wife of John Lennon. Many blame the Beatles' breakup, and hence the end of a legend, on Yoko. During the Beatles' final performance as a group on January 30, 1969, Lennon believed that Paul McCartney's lyrics "Get back to where you once belonged" were directed at Ono, who was present. Yoko Ono has been translated from the Japanese by her fans to mean "Ocean Child" or "Western Child." She and Lennon raised a child, Sean Ono Lennon, and remained together (except for an 18 month haitus) from 1968 until his death. Ono and Lennon collaborated on numerous projects and albums, including John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band. They also bought two islands off the coast of Ireland, for £1550 in 1967. The photo above is from http://www. cam.org (Thanks to Imagine: John Lennon by Solt and Egan, 1988.)

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