An unknown woman and Kodak

There is a tie for this week's Homewrecker between a Genesseo, NY woman and the photo giant Kodak. The 24 year old Genesseo, woman, who has yet to be identified by local TV stations, appeared on the Jerry Springer Show as a "homewrecker," (watch it, Jerry) as she had slept with a boy of the ripe young age of 16. A police officer was watching the show and proceeded to arrest the woman, we imagine on the grounds of statutory rape.

Kodak, while not boffing little boys, is laying off a total of 10,000 workers worldwide. This will deprive many families of health insurance and a source of income. The city of Rochester may also feel the pinch as Kodak families have less to spend on Christmas gifts, etc. The mayor of Rochester expressed serious concerns to this effect. Kodak also generally makes a mess of things in Rochester, pumping millions of tons of waste into the environment yearly.

Perhaps the Genesseo woman snapped photos of her boy toy. If she did it on Fuji film, she's part of Kodak's problem.

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