by amie popp

Spirals of doubt
in my mind
like twisters
heading towards
the playground
infuriating seesaw slides swings merry go round
encircled by the dust
I stay away from the motion.
A certain whirlwind
to the rides
losing grip
into the arms of motion.
A fall always accompanies
dusty bruise
I am content
sitting on the bench.

I just wanted to say...
by amie popp

I am here today
to talk about you and me.
I just wanted to say...
I have been feeling dismay
about how we disagree.
I am here today.
Do you want me to stay?
Do you want to be free?
I just wanted to say...
What happened on Friday?
Since, I've been in agony.
I am here today.
Please talk...and convey
your feelings to me.
I just wanted to say...
Am I wrong to feel gray
about our lost harmony?
I am here today.
I just wanted to say.

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