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Go ahead, smell the screen!This is me. My name is Cha-Chee, and I am a college boy here at the University of Texas at Austin. I do the programing and most of the writing for this magazine, and frankly, I love it. I am sensitive, yet understanding, and I enjoy candle light dinners, long walks on the beach, and cuddling up by the fireplace. -Oh, yes, and the occasional makin' bacon.

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Never boil another human being.  That is wrong.Hey, I'm E-boy and I'm well known for my success in the Texas State "Mr. Tangerine" competition, and I have been told several times that I smell like taffy. I have also been told many times that I do not smell like taffy, so decide for yourself. I am a lover of fine things, a finder of lovely things, and I hate, hate, HATE bugs.

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He he!  That tickles! Well, due to the response I got, I figured that one person read my bio last month (Ryan Malloy). So I decided that I will write my bio just for him. Hi Malby. How's it going? How's the fam? Uh-huh. . .and your turtle? Uh-huh. . .sorry, I can't get a copy of Galactic up here. you have a better chance down there. I think I might come down to visit you guys in a couple of weeks. see ya then. bye.

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I'm just Scratching it.My name isn't really 'Mr. Buh', but I'll be damned if I let you people know my real name. I'm 6'2" with baby blue eyes, blond hair, a gorgeous face, a terrific tan, and an atheletic build. Whenever I'm in public, I get pestered by tons of beautiful, tan women who beg me to let them perform all sorts of exotic sexual acts upon me. Or maybe I look like the picture to the left; you decide.
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Aye Aye Aye, You gunna Die! Narcissist- look it up and you'll see my freakin' picture. Now listen up primates, I love myself. In fact I love myself much MUCH more than you and your fat stupid friends. Do you want to know why? Because I am much better than you. You are INFERIOR compared to me. What? You don't speak English? Well press numero dos. My camera equipment is more costly that your soul and certainly is a hell of alot more important.

-I don't care about what you have to say.

Please Dirrect any Comments or questions about the magazine to Cha-Chee, or keep them to yourself and see if anything comes of them. If you like this magazine, please, just tell your friends. It is here solely for your enjoyment, and the more people that read this, the more we can justify putting alot of work into making the next issue. This magazine was skill-crafted by hand, and not by any of those stupid page makers. I HATE those things.
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