"I'm Batman."

For a long time, there hasn't been any information about what it's all about. This is not entirely because we were lazy; it is more that we didn't know how to define what Gracies Dinnertime Theatre is.

The following is a re-worked editorial written by Kelly Gunter that appeared in Gracies Dinnertime Theatre 15 September, 1996 that at least sounds good.

Last Sunday afternoon (8 September, 1996) some of our staff members passed out issues to students before They(TM) entered Grace Watson Dining Hall, RIT. But that day something happened that has never happened before: one boy took one, read it from cover to cover, and returned it saying that he did not understand it. One of my counterparts contended that he must not understand sarcasm and some of the other rudimentary basics of humor. I disagreed with him, thinking that perhaps whatever was read and the ideas behind it just did not make sense to him. I do not truly know the answer to this question, mine is just a hypothesis, but if I was correct I would like to give an answer to your question, if you're reading this week's issue, which you probably aren't.

Gracies Dinnertime Theatre and its sister publications were created as a forum for student's ideas, thoughts, creations, and musings, a forum to express oneself as one feels a right to. The opportunity we provide did not exist on this campus prior to our creation a little over a year ago. Certainly now the Reporter has its "Opinions" section, but that was started when we were well through with our second volume. We accept work from any and all as long as the author can defend the work's validity.

We like to express various parts of the human experience, what it is to live, what it is to be human. This can be done in many different media and the two different publications portray this well. Gracies Dinnertime Theatre likes to take on the more humorous aspects of life, playing on irony and satire and more importantly, real life, to form its source material. We are made up of people doing exactly what it is that we do. We are an amalgamation of personages just living.

As for myself, ever since I was a child I've been making people around me nervous because I often spontaneously burst into laughter for no apparent reason, but there was always a reason. GDT offers me a canvas on which to draw all of the amusements I have held since I was a child to explain these unexplainable outbursts. For me, the world has always been absurd, ironic, satiric, and bewildering. I just reflect what has always been around me, and how it seems to my senses.

When I was young, my parents told me I used to wake up every morning singing. I still do.

-Kelly Gunter
Head Editor/Writer/Cofounder of Gracies Dinnertime Theatre

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