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Though the Kitchen's Org. Doc. might appear to be an improvised document, a great deal of thought and research has gone into its creation and it is currently in its ninth revision. Though this may seem excessive, each change was made to address a specific problem which arose, or a philosophic/sociological concept we wanted addressed.

The present F3ODFHK has drawn on several sources for inspiration:

A little history: The part of the Kitchen's organizing document which is most confusing is the official name of the document: "The Far from Frivolous Organizing Document for Hell's Kitchen," more commonly abbreviated to F3ODFHK (pronounced "fod-fuk")

The document was named during the Kitchen's correspondence with the United States Internal Revenue Service. While applying for non-profit status, the Kitchen was told "...a frivolous Constitution, which is how we interpret your existing Constitution, certainly has a place in the organization's activities since you are an organization one of whose purposes is satire.... We will require a more traditional organizing document...."