This special Samhain issue of the Iconoclast is dedicated to Kevin Person, and the I Hate People Gazette. I knew Kevin many years ago. We began our relationship through the art of letters and then moved on to a friendship, and mutual "hanging out" with random people whom we found "cool" enough to do so. The Gazette began with Kevin ranting away in confessional style, some self-pity "girls hate me cartoons from other friends, and the occasional odd photo of some horror movie hero or heroine being chopped to bits, or (as in the case with the illustrated copy here) covered in blood of some rotting carcass (sometimes human). Kevin's wry wit and humour carried many young teen through his or her own personal hell (how fitting--rotting carcasses--hell) whether it was self inflicted or no. I never saw it beyond its sixth issue and am curious why he never continued writing and illustrating zines, but i am just a silly girl.

I wonder sometimes what happen to this man. Last i heard he had given in and bought a car, and that was a damn long time ago. A docile youth turned killer through his own subversive writing, Kevin Person has gone missing. I have tried repeatedly to find him at his usual haunts, to no avail. If anyone has seen or heard from this man, please approach him with caution, then proceed to kick his ass for me for not returning my phone calls.

The Iconoclast Halloween Issue
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