Nothing to see here, officers

Hell's Kitchen is no longer permitted to inform readers over the web that they can send donations to Hell's Kitchen.

Nor can we let readers know that in the past the organizations that make up Hell's Kitchen have paid for themselves mainly through grants and donations made by the dedicated staff members of each organization, and that now you can help support Hell's Kitchen.

It is absolutely forbidden for us to use this page to let people know that when Hell's Kitchen receives donations of $9 or more the donor will receive the most current volume of combined publications from Rochester, NY (averaging between 9 and 14 issues).

Hell's Kitchen is a non-profit, not for profit, 501(c)(3) group, but we can't even mention that we rely on supporters like you to allow us to help our members continue to produce uncensored, intelligent satire and creative fiction in an age when "print is dead."

I suppose we could say that all donations are spent on printing and that we hope to reach a point when we can start to pay our staff members, but we won't say it because we want to avoid trouble.

In no shape, way, or form could we say that if you'd like to make a donation, you should send your name, address and a cheque or money-order to:
Hell's Kitchen
472 French Rd
Rochester, NY 14618

If you want any more details, feel free contact us at

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