In-Frequently Asked Questions
From the moment Gracies Dinnertime Theatre was first published, questions have been floating around. Here are some of the most common. Because of the nature of this document, there is a great deal of repeated information found in other parts of GDT's web sight; appropriate links are made to them.

Q. What's it all about, really?
A. GDT is a satire publication based at the Rochester Institute of Technology. Why the authors write what they do is hard to pin-point. It might best be summed up by a quote by George Bernard Shaw regarding Saint Joan:

...[T]his contradiction at once brings an element of comedy into the tragedy: the angels may weep at the murder, but the gods laugh at the murderers."
If that makes any sense to you in light of what GDT writes, then you might understand.

Q. How 'bout a publication guide?
A. We used to keep one, but we're well over our 100th issue, so a full list is a bit excessive. Besides, when you're putting out 30 issues a year it gets hard to update web sites very often :(

Q: What is the "lost episode?"
A: The "lost episode" was an early version of Ethiopian Flypaper Boy. Originally written in the hopes of being published in The Reporter, RIT's news-mag, the first issue was handed in to the head editor who promptly rejected it. There was only one copy, and unfortunately, it's been lost.

Not much changed between the first draft and when GDT started publishing on its own. The illustrations are different and the issue that was published is more...controversial, but that's it.

As a little historical note, the After Dinner Mint that appeared in volume 1, issue 13 was advertised as appearing "next week" in the Lost Issue.

Q: Why do issues 1 through 4 of volume 1 show increasing volume numbers?
A: When GDT started, it wasn't expected to last long. After publishing the fourth issue, the editors received hate mail. There and then, they decided that if they could piss someone off so easily, GDT must have some merit. After that, publication numbers became accurate.

Q. When are issues published?
A. Sundays during the school year. Periodically "special issues" appear.

Q. Who's responsible?
A. Like a well organized military, it's hard to blame a single person. Check out the Who's responsible page for further info.

Q: What does the name mean?
A: The original idea for Gracies Dinnertime Theatre came from Robert McKay. He, Sean Hammond, and a small group of others would often eat dinner together in one of RIT's dining commons named Gracies. During these meals, the group would exchange ideas that arose in the day. Often, the banter took on a theatrical feel. It was decided that their nightly exchange of ideas would make an excellent radio show for the campus radio station. Unfortunately, equipment constraints and a loss of spontaneity caused the idea to be stuck on the back burner. When Sean Hammond, Kelly Gunter, and Marc Trzepla began talking about writing an article for The Reporter, the name of the hypothetical radio show was used.

Q: Who/what is the bare foot girl?
A: The bare-foot girl is an individual on the RIT campus who walks around bare-foot year around. She has become a bit of a celebrity due to the shock people experience upon seeing bare foot prints in the snow.

Q. What is that funny symbol appearing on GDT issues?
A. The symbol really doesn't have a name. It came close, but was aborted. The symbol itself was created before GDT was ever conceived of as a written publication. When Mark Trzepla, Kelly Gunter and Sean Hammond stand shoulder to shoulder and place a meter stick on their heads, the symbol is created. Check out "Who's Responsible" for the photo.

Interestingly (to us), it was recently discovered that the company Swiss Re has adopted a logo strikingly like GDT's logo. Be assured, however, that we think ours came first.

Q. How can I get issues I don't have (It's not enough just to read them on the 'net)?
A. Email us for a list of issues and prices

Q. Does GDT sell merchandise?
A. Well, yes and no. We used to have delusions of maintaining a GDT Fan Club packet for people to order stickers and GDTee shirts. This proved impossible because of the limited staff, apathy, and ever increasing amount of potential material to sell. As soon as we'd finish a packet for fan club memebrs, it would have to be revised again. If you want a sticker of tee, drop us a line and we'll see what we can do.

Q: How do I join the Fan Club?
A: Easy! Just e-mail GDT at If you are elsewhere in the world, send a self addressed, stamped envelope to:

472 French Rd
Rochester NY 14618
Include a message that says something like "Hey! I want to join the GDT Fan Club 'cause I know it will make me really cool." It won't, but we won't crush all of your dreams.

When you join the fan club, you get a number of things:

Q: How do I submit something to GDT?
A: Either e-mail it or write to GDT. If you are sending some kind of artwork, GDT can't resend it to you. If it is colour, the printed version probably won't look very good, but it will look great on the web.

Q: What is Hell Inc.?
A: I think it best if you'd just leave now.

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