"We will offend...."

Many people have been confused by our name. So, for the record:

Gracies Dinnertime Theatre is a sardonic publication based at the Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, New York, but we're regularly read on the University of Rochester (also Rochester, NY), Monroe Community College (again, Rochester, NY), and distribute issues in the city of Rochester, NY as well. Hopefully we'll be able to open distribution locations in other cities eventually. Interested in helping?. We were the first publication on the Rochester Institute of Technology to intentionaly try to produce laughs. Now, however, we have helped form several other publications, all members of Hell's Kitchen.

The material printed by Gracies Dinnertime Theatre sort of defies classification. The staff of GDT tends to think of it as humor, though we make excursions into serious issues or purely creative arenas from time to time.

Humor might not even be the right word to use. A member of the faculty of the Rochester Institute of Technology used the term "Hard Humor" in describing GDT. I like to think that we are funny in the same way that "Sweeny Tod" and A Modest Proposal, by Jonathan Swift, are funny. We'll let you decide....

New issues appear each week on Sunday during our yearly printing schedule...and we're very good about meeting our deadlines each week.

Funding for printing comes mainly from donations and subscriptions.

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