Hell, -n. A place where outcast persons and things are gathered; a place into which a printer throws his broken type.
   -paraphrased from Webster's Dictionary

There has been more than the usual confusion about what Hell's Kitchen is since its introduction. Named in part after the infamous neighborhood in NY city where authors such as O. Henry and Thomas Wolfe found much of their inspiration, Hell's Kitchen is a non-commercial not for profit federation of like-minded organizations.

     The primary purpose of Hell's Kitchen, in its role as a purveyor of information, is to expose ideas to the public clearly and interestingly. This task is completed by the individual organizations within Hell's Kitchen in a variety of ways including poetry, illustrations, satire, prose, news, critiques, maps, and diagrams. Though most members are publications, Hell's Kitchen encourages the use of as many forms of media as possible. Each separate organization defines its own schedule, its own style, its own rules, but they each group agrees to become part of the larger coalition known as Hell's Kitchen.

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