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-C. Diablo, Hell's Kitchen

The Iconoclast is dedicated to the advancement of the intellect through extreme sarcasm and creative expression. This organization presently has too many writers to count and accepts from them all types of writing from the personal essay complaining about how we are all just brainwashed idiots, to stream of consciousness ramblings of slappy-stink monkey

The Iconoclast is a member publication of the esteemed Hell's Kitchen in Rochester, NY which--in essence-- is waging the same diatribe against the universe as The Iconoclast.

Volume 1 (Fall 1996)
  • Issue 1: "Your Guide to Instant Teaching Certification"
  • Issue 2: "Treks on the Beach,"
  • Issue 3: "Boys Will Be Boys, Girls Will Be Gods"
  • Issue 4: "Goth Chicks of the World Unite!"
  • Halloween Special

    Volume 2 (Spring 1997)
  • Issue 1: "Intellectual Barbarism"
  • Issue 2: Where we torture words in the spirit of modernism
  • Issue 3: Special Summer Issue

    Volume 3 (Fall 1997)
  • Issue 1: An Iconoclast Manifesto is borne
  • Special Halloween Issue II: Scary monsters in your closet and other such none-suches

  • Index of Titles

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